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Seasonal Healing Cleanse

Feeling low energy, heavy and unhealthy? Do you feel you need to loose weight and detox? Long to up-level your health and whole life vibration? Are you ready to change habits that are keeping you in a funk? 

If so, consider doing a seasonal cleanse. ~ I provide a holistic, FUN and effective, health reset experience, to help increase our vitality, immunity, and mindfulness, whole-heartedly. 

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Ready for a Healthy 2024 New Year Reset?

Consider making a commitment to yourself by joining us for a 10 day Elemental Health Reset,
o boost immunity, awareness and cultivate conscious connection with yourself and others.

You will enjoy interactive fun, learn nutritious and educational recipes, remedies and exercises,
to revitalize yourself, holistically and whole-heartedly.

Doing a whole being cleanse will help U lighten up, get fit and motivated to shrink the waist, stop the stressors, to loose the bloat and discomforts. Together we will explore 4 phases; 
how to prepare, pre-cleanse, liquid diet, and integration. 


You will get lot's of Self-empowering health tips, real support and expert service,
for long-lasting 

Contact me to schedule a consultation



Megan Starks

"Working with Ninaya was uplifting to all parts of my being! I saw possibilities in my health & wellness that I had never considered before. I have altered many things: The abdominal exercise in the morning, the body brushing and the alkalizing drink, and most of all, learning how to reset back to health when I fall off... I would say her program has had a profound effect on me, and I’m so grateful."

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Katie Hay

"I have struggled to lose weight and reduce significant inflammation since menopause. Ninaya’s guided detox / cleanse course and the education she provides about food and nutrition has been such a blessing for someone who has tried EVERYTHING and struggled to get any results. I participated in the 10 Day Summer Cleanse and LOVED every moment of how I felt but more shocking is that I lost 30 pounds! Inflammation reduced, energy returned and prompted me to get back to my workout regimen This was a great forum that kept me accountable and be able to ask for guidance and advice when I needed information on what to do for specific symptoms or issues. I wish I learned this information 40 years ago."

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Talya Meldy

"Working with Ninaya is transformational.  You always get this feeling that while showing opportunities to "change" and "grow," she is your biggest fan.  It's a deep and unconditional love that she gives.The Watsu is a priceless experience.  Followed by a colonic and yoga class - it felt like years of waste that I was carrying left my being.  The combination of her work - WORKS!"

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