Ninaya aka

Nancy Ninaya Strandberg

HHP, CT, YT is certified by:


AANC (American Association of
  Nutritional Consultants)

I-ACT (International Association

  of Colon Hydrotherapy)

Internal Environment Institute

 Touch Therapy Institute

School of Shiatsu Massage

Reiki Center of Los Angeles

Biofeedback Therapy by

  Quantum Life

Yoga College of India

Principal-Based Partner Yoga®

The Dance Alive Method®

American Aqua Natal®

WABA (Worldwide Aquatic

   Bodywork Association)

Board Member - Organic Soup Kitchen

Doterra® Wellness Advocate

Purium® Wellness Advocate

I am a natural energy mover! ~ It's my nature to help people help themselves to greater wellness! Highly attuned, I sense people's needs and obstacles, and I'm skilled in a wide variety of healing arts. 


My practice is founded in natural living: Always learning, sharing and reminding people how to stay healthy and in tune with the elements, using breath, food and plants as medicine, heart talk process, yoga, water and nurturing healing touch. I move and emote with passion and creative  expression, and inspire courage to those who need it...


I love my practice! ~ waking up every day, grateful for my health and my capacity to be of service for the greater good of all. I am a healthy lifestyle guide, a personal health trainer, a wild woman healer, a sweet sister's doula, and non-stop nurturing mama bear... Flexible, fun, open, authentic and direct, my ways are to connect deeply, educate, inspire and assist others to let go, heal and free up more vital and creative energy, to be more Self-empowered, and enjoy life.


Born 1966 in southern Sweden, raised by a strong single mom, I've always been a seeker of vital peace... At age 17, I left Sweden, and spent 10 years world traveling, while working as a fairly successful, but bulimic fashion model. A divine inner sense of what my heart and health needed, led me on a transformational healing journey through Asia and Australia. Internal cleansing, yoga and breath process made a profound impact. ~ True beauty and peace comes from the inside! 


 I immersed myself in studies with masters of many aspects of natural healing, self-realization and vital life FLOW. I settled in California over twenty-five years ago, to build my practice as a yoga & holistic health practioner. Now my services are refined into all inclusive Elemental Immersion Sessions and Programs in which I work one on one with my clients to develop protocols for physical and emotional wellbeing.

My private healing sanctuary is nestled in Santa Barbara’s beautiful Mission Canyon. I ask to work with people who are ready to take responsibility for their health and their happiness. My strength is in supporting such a journey with knowledge, wisdom, compassion, humor, resources and gentle prodding.


Having home birthed two healthy boys in my fourties, and assisted at several births, I have a particular passion in working with women and families preparing for and moving through pregnancy and birth. ~ The health of a mother’s tissues is crucial in the development of a healthy child. The building/cleansing process is continuous, as life is cyclical, so I continue to work with mothers, and their whole family unit, in all stages of life, offering healing arts for every body...


As I re-birthed myself through holistic disciplines, I will skillfully and gratefully guide YOU toward a healthier, stronger, more sure and stable sense of your Self, so you’re able to access and enjoy, all what you were born to be, a blessing!!!



It is my intention to live and inspire people to:

1)  Claim total health, joy & unlimited vitality
2)  Discover and celebrate 
passion for life & healthy living

3)  Create more love, intimacy & peaceful community in the world

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