Cleansing is a natural essential function of the body and healthy life. Detoxification is the process by which the body eliminates toxins from its cell. Toxins exist everywhere and can lead to major health problems. Everyone can benefit from cleansing on a periodic basis.

Just a few sessions of colonics may reverse a lifetime of neglect, and is a proven tool that energize and uplift our bodies from the deepest areas of toxicity.  It's not a cure-all, but an essential aspect of allover health and wellness. Internal cleansing brings a new sense of awareness, and incentive to healthier living. 

Most illnesses are a result of excess toxins, (physically, mentally, and emotionally unusable materials) causing stress, pain and a variety of imbalances in the body. Healing requires the elimination, or “cleansing” of these toxins, followed by a balanced intake and output. 


Colonics® is a gentle shower on the inside, "via the back door". This help cleanse, hydrate, exercise, and sometimes even reshape the colon. Much like an enema, but instead the client lays on a massage table relaxing, while fully serviced by Ninaya, using a Hydrosan, closed system device.

Click here for more detailed info on colonics, and how to prepare.


Series of Colonics is recommended for anyone who haven't done colonics before.

Start with a series of 3 sessions, while implementing healthier habits over a course of a few weeks, or schedule all sessions in a week to boost a specific detox program, or apply before or after surgery, during chemo treatment, or as prep for a colonoscopy.  Whatever your intention is, we will personalize your process to suit your needs.



Seasonal Cleansing Programs are tailored to your specific needs, or offered as specific group events ~ Embark on a 3-week plus, enlightening, guided process to help cleanse on a cellular level, break toxic habits and cultivate a healthier life.


Set your intentions, book a series of sessions, and start a daily program that involves an elimination diet phase, a liquid diet phase, and a restorative health phase. Fill out the health questionnaire, to help define your particular elemental program.


Image by Chris Lawton


The alkalizing tonic is wonderful. I have only had one cup of coffee, and although my sleep was terrible last night, I woke feeling renewed. Happiness is possible when I have a path. You have provided me with a clear path, and that I am very grateful for. The environment you provided was very clean and comfortable,

and your service was greatly educational, and soothing. I will be back in the new year for sure.

~ John Bennet

Thank you so much for that amazing colonic, I’m feeling so much better. Sick from ick food at ick restaurant is all gone... Who would I be if I'd never met you?  Maybe crazy constipated still, maybe lost and lonesome, maybe just a whole lot of confused.  Who who I be if I'd never met you?  I'd never have had a pair of super cool purple knee high boots. I'd not have had a drum circle for my forty first birthday. I might not ever have known the kind of self-acceptance and appreciation I have come to know.  I wonder, this morning, who I'd be if I never met you…

~ Susan Wyler