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Yoga is a lifestyle path that brings greater Self-awareness, as it teaches us to align the body, with the breath, and a quiet mind, so we are more able to feel and hear our body, and what our intuition is telling us.

~ Ninaya is a certified yoga instructor, by the Yoga College of India, since 1995, She has taught at studios all over the world, and now offer her own special blend of various yoga styles: Hatha Yoga, ( Bikram's Hot Yoga ), Ana Forrest Yoga, Elysabeth Williamson's Principal-Based Partner Yoga, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga, with a dash of Dance Alive® and 5 Elemental Wellness Philosophy. 

Image by Jared Rice

Private Yoga & Moving Meditation Sessions personalized to help cultivate greater vitality and body awareness. Explore Pranayama (breathing exercises), Hatha Yoga (basic postures), Vinyasa (flow) Kundalini (energy) Enjoy simple sitting, candlelight, or eye gazing meditation, and a little freestyle movement ~ Dance Alive® Method.


Principal Based Partner Yoga  Practice partner poses that infuse the stretches with support and connection. Enjoy life enhancing tools that greatly expand the realm of the individual, into the dynamics of relationship. ~ Sessions offered for pairs, or partner up with Ninaya, who also periodically host retreats with PBPY founder Elysabeth Williamson. 


Family Yoga Sessions & Kids Yoga Life Skills Classes

Guided circle sharing and stretching, to cultivate caring for Self, and others. Offered as private family sessions, baby and me yoga, and Yoga Life Skills, for kids of all ages. Mixing fun and play, with focused breathing meditation and yoga postures.


Image by Chris Lawton


Thank you so much for the wonderful yoga sessions, and for introducing us to the world of watsu. We are still basking in the magnificent glow, of an experience that opened our hearts and mind in a new and deeply satisfying way. The grace, beauty, and loving-kindness of your practice is inspiring and delightful.

~ Mia & Jerry Jensen

Ninaya, you make being healthy FUN!  Even sitting eye gazing in pretzel pose, is enjoyable and delicious!

~ Bunny & Jay Stein

Ninaya, you are such a blessing in my life, as well as to so many. Thank you for all your healing energies, 

your expertise, and the loving devotion to your practice. I am an honored recipient of your healing gifts.

~ Beverly Jacobson

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