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I am a living testament to the principles of a vibrant, holistic lifestyle—an advocate for health, a muse for those seeking balance, and a nurturing force in the realm of holistic wellness. Embracing the titles of a wild woman healer, a sweet sister's doula, and a relentless mama bear care-taker, my journey is woven with a passion for service and an innate ability to sense and address the needs and obstacles of others.

In the tapestry of my life, love is my guiding philosophy, and my spiritual name, Ninaya, translates to "Follow the path of my laughing heart." Born in 1966 in the spirited landscape of southern Sweden, I carry the wisdom imparted by my strong single mother who instilled in me resilience, resourcefulness, and a mastery of global cuisines.

Venturing forth at 18, I spent 15 transformative years as a fitness and fashion model, navigating success amidst the challenges of bulimia and dissociation. A profound healing journey across Asia and Australia beckoned, introducing me to internal cleansing, Kriya yoga, living foods, and breath work—a journey that reshaped my understanding of true beauty, power, and vitality emerging from within.

Formal studies in natural health culminated in a master's degree, and my path led me to California over two decades ago. There, I cultivated my practice as a yoga and holistic health practitioner, collaborating with esteemed healers such as Watsu® founder Harold Dull, life coach Anthony Robbins, and yogini Ana Forest, among others.

The transformative experience of home-birthing two healthy boys in my forties ignited a passion for supporting women and families through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Grounded in teaching self-care, my mission extends to aiding individuals in healing from birth, trauma, loss, stress, illness, and injuries—fueled by the conviction that love is the greatest force in the universe.

My journey is one of rebirth through holistic disciplines, and I am eager to extend skillful and graceful guidance to those seeking a healthier, stronger, and more confident sense of self. Let us connect, whether by phone or email, to schedule a session or co-create a program tailored to support your journey towards greater wellness.

I Welcome You, in the Spirit of Love and Vitality,


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Ninaya aka Nancy Ninaya Strandberg

HHP, CT, YT is certified by:


AANC (American Association of
    Nutritional Consultants)


I-ACT  (International Association of
    Colon Hydrotherapy)


Internal Environment Institute

 Touch Therapy Institute

School of Shiatsu Massage

Reiki Center of Los Angeles


Biofeedback Therapy by

   Quantum Life



Yoga College of India

Principal-Based Partner Yoga®

The Dance Alive Method®

American Aqua Natal®

WABA (Worldwide Aquatic

   Bodywork Association)


The light in me 

sees, and greets

the light in you!


Megan Starks

"Working with Ninaya was uplifting to all parts of my being!

I saw possibilities in my health & wellness that I had never considered before. I have altered many things:

The abdominal exercise in the morning, the body brushing and the alkalizing drink, and most of all, learning how to reset back to health when I fall off...

I would say her program has had a profound effect on me, and I’m so grateful."

Katie Hay.png

Katie Hay

"I have struggled to lose weight and reduce significant inflammation since menopause. Ninaya’s guided cleanse course and the education she provides about food and nutrition has been such a blessing for someone who has tried EVERYTHING and struggled to get any results. I LOVED every moment of how I felt but more shocking is that I lost 30 pounds! Inflammation reduced, energy returned and prompted me to get back to my workout regimen This was a great forum that kept me accountable and be able to ask for guidance and advice when I needed information on what to do for specific symptoms or issues. I wish I learned this information 40 years ago."


Talya Meldy

"Working with Ninaya is totally transformational. 

You always get this feeling that while showing opportunities to "change" and "grow," she is your biggest fan.  It's a deep and unconditional love that she gives.

The Watsu is a priceless experience.  Followed by a colonic and yoga class - it felt like years of waste that I was carrying left my being.  The combination of her work - WORKS!"

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