I am a healthy lifestyle muse, a holistic health coach, wild woman healer, a sweet sister's doula, and a non-stop nurturing mama bear.


As a highly attuned empath, passionate to be of service. I sense  people's needs and obstacles.  My practice is founded in natural living, LOVE is my religion, and health my way. My spiritual name, Ninaya, means "Follow the path of your laughing heart." 


Although my focus is multi-dimensional, I hold the power of Water to treat and cleanse as my special tool for healing.  Using water therapies, healthy living and plants as medicine. I share and model how to enjoy staying healthy, and in balance with all the Elements. 


Born 1966 in southern Sweden, in the feisty year of the fire horse, I was raised by a strong single mom, who taught me to be strong, resourceful and master world cuisine. ~ Willful, resourceful, and adventurous, I left my home at 18 and spent 15 years traveling, and living around the world, while working as a fairly successful, yet bulimic and somewhat dissociated fitness and fashion model.


A divine inner sense of what my heart and health needed, led me on a truly transformational healing journey through Asia and Australia, where my deep experience with internal cleansing,  yoga, living foods and breath work, made a profound and lasting impact. Restlessness settled, as I found forgiveness, Self-healing, and learned that true beauty and vitality, comes from the inside.


I immersed myself in studies with masters of natural health, and settled in California over twenty-five years ago, to build my practice as a yoga and holistic health practitioner. ~ Blessed to have worked closely with master healers like Watsu® founder Harold Dull, life coach Anthony Robbins, rabbi Alyson Solomon, yogini Ana Forest, dance guru Marianne Karou, drum facilitator Paulo Mattioli, healer Connie Allred, and holistic midwifes Mary Jackson, and Marina Alzugaray, founder of American Aqua Natal,

Having home birthed two healthy boys in my forties, and after 

assisting numerous births, I have a particular passion in working with women, and families preparing for pregnancy, during and after birth. ~ My work is teaching Self-care, as I service people healing from birth, trauma, loss, stress, illness, and injuries, LOVE is my fuel, and the most powerful force in the universe!  ~ It is through acknowledging, embracing, and accepting what is, we heal...


So, as I re-birthed mySelf through holistic disciplines, I'm honored and excited to offer you skillful and graceful guidance toward a healthier, stronger, more confident sense of yourSelf as you access, utilize, and enjoy all what you were born to be. 


 I look forward to connecting with YOU, via phone or email, so we can make a plan to co-create your greater wellness and vitality. ~ Due to the current challenging climate of Covid, we keep a fairly strict health safety protocol, doing sessions online, or in person, only after specific Covid screening, and health questionnaire. 


Namaste Ninaya

The light in me, sees, and greets the light in you! 


Ninaya aka Nancy Ninaya Strandberg

HHP, CT, YT is certified by:


AANC (American Association of
    Nutritional Consultants)


I-ACT  (International Association of
    Colon Hydrotherapy)


Internal Environment Institute

 Touch Therapy Institute

School of Shiatsu Massage

Reiki Center of Los Angeles


Biofeedback Therapy by

   Quantum Life



Yoga College of India

Principal-Based Partner Yoga®

The Dance Alive Method®

American Aqua Natal®

WABA (Worldwide Aquatic

   Bodywork Association)

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