Diving Deeper

Can be a restorative health immersion day, or weekend health reset retreat. Where we build your self-care program and then dive all into healing arts. ~ For example a yoga session to build your home practice, followed by a lymph draining massage and a colonic. A healthy snack and then bliss out in a watsu and water dance treatment. A 4.5 hour transformation experience or spread out over a few days, or weekend stay. But ideally, it's a three week or longer, revitalization process to kickstart a sluggish system into eliminating toxins on its own. The skin and the colon are the primary organs for ridding the body of what it doesn’t absorb for nourishment. When these are not releasing toxins efficiently, the other systems of the body fall out of balance resulting in disordered moods, food cravings, exhaustion, headaches and so on.  


These nourishing programs will educate, inspire and remind you of your natural ability to heal. It will begin with an in-depth consultation with Ninaya to determine which of the five elemental programs best suit your needs, intentions and goals. Light will be shed on stressors in your life and destructive coping mechanisms. You’ll receive a copy of It's Elemental! 5 Juicy Self Care Programs for Healthy & Happy Living ~ Ninaya's handbook offers holistic health remedies, principles for living with greater vitality, easy to do recipes, and exercises designed to help you relax, detox, decongest, reduce inflammation, lift depression, quell anxiety, boost your vitality and connect with your divine inner healer.


Each week, you will meet with Ninaya (or schedule a zoom/skype call, for remote healing sessions) for one or more sessions depending on what elemental plan of action. ~ These sessions may include: Colonics, Lymphatic Drainage, Therapeutic Massage, Yoga Asana, Movement, Body Building, Breathing & Meditation, Nutritional Counsel, Healthy Food Making, and Warm Water Therapies (Watsu, Water Yoga, Family Floats).


 Air programs are geared towards yoga, breathing and mental balancing, Water programs is suitable for anyone needing more relaxation, flow and emotional balance. Earth programs is nourishment, bodywork and focus on cultivating healthy gut flora and better food habits. Fire programs help move stagnant and inflamed energy, get U fit, energized and empowered. Spirit programs weaves through all the elements. It's a great choice for someone starting anew, getting ready to have a baby, just had a baby, or while reclaiming Self after a big loss, or life challenge.

Each elemental program has a few days cleanse phase, a liquid diet or specific foods and remedies designed to rest the overworked organs and reduce stress. Slowing down, simplifying life and food intake gets the channels of elimination to be more open, so the changes in diet and exercise will become increasingly more effective and effortless. Letting go of old habits and patterns will keep getting easier. - Remember Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!



In the first week, it’s important that you commit to your own healing, that you conscientiously choose to take in only what is fresh, wholesome, and nourishing -- food and drink, but also what you read, what you watch, the conversations/interactions you have. Pay attention to what you’re taking in, do as little as possible, and keep your mind and body peaceful.



During the second week, you are reminded to eat ever more mindfully. Three days of deepening sessions is recommended in this week. Your diet will remain simple, and you might add one or more days on a Liquid Diet. Tonics, teas, smoothies, broths, juices, and nut-milks will provide vital hydration and essential mineralization on a cellular level without taxing the system, without any sense of deprivation. Ninaya will be available for gentle coaxing and encouragement.



By the third week, important cellular changes have taken place. Your taste buds have new cravings. Your body is feeling lighter and brighter, your mind more calm and clear. One or a few more days of sessions with Ninaya and the focus will be upon replenishing and establishing healthy habits you can maintain.


~ Treat yourself with Love and Light! ~

Ninaya will personally guide you through the daily exercises, and offer all your scheduled sessions,

with her ongoing support via texts, calls, and emails, throughout the 3-week+ protocol, and beyond.

Offering Elemental Wellness Programs, for disease prevention, tissue rejuvenation, and vital living.


Pier 1  Protocol ~ 90 min consultation + 3 personalized 1 hour sessions + Handbook $500

Pier 2 Protocol ~ 90 min consultation + 10 personalized sessions + Handbook  $1300


Working with Ninaya was uplifting to all parts of my being! I saw possibilities in my health & wellness that I had never considered before. I also knew that at this time on the planet much of my personal spiritual growth was through the physical so working with her was timely. Learning from her about food and its medicinal properties was my first real look at what am I putting into my body that is truly nourishing me? I soooo loved her program.  I have altered many things: The abdominal exercise in the morning, the body brushing and the alkalizing drink, and most of all, learning how to reset back to health when I fall off... I would say her program has had a profound effect on me, and I’m so grateful. Megan Starks

* Working with Ninaya is transformational.  You always get this feeling that while showing opportunities to "change" and "grow," she is your biggest fan.  It's a deep and unconditional love that she gives. The Watsu is a priceless experience.  Floating in her arms and receiving the bodywork in the water is like being in the womb.  All the kinks and body aches melt away, and it's literally a true baptism into rebirth regardless of your religion.  Followed by a colonic and yoga class - it felt like years of waste that I was carrying left my being.  The combination of her work - WORKS! ~Talya Meldy





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