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Dance Alive Fitness

Is an uplifting and invigorating free-form dance therapy, that guides us to awaken our untapped elemental energy, and gives us permission to respond to the pulse from deep inside, so we may access body balance and bliss.


As a certified Dance Alive®️ instructor, Ninaya creatively incorporates Dance Alive's rhythm system into many of her sessions and Elemental Wellness Programs:

  • Soft Liquid /  Water ~ to soften, feel and flow.

  • Reach Out / Air ~ to open up, stretch, and connect.

  • Power up / Earth ~ to build, ground, and strengthen. 

  • Gotta Move / Fire - to activate, release, and transform.

  • Dance Alive / Spirit - to weave, and interconnect with all.


Dance Alive® Private Sessions

Through explorations of the various movement forms, we can open up to more energy and vitality, unwind trauma, release tension and stored pain. A fun, moving meditation, embodying how to be more direct and assertive, adaptable and receptive, and at home in our own sensuality. A fabulous workout to inspiring music, for the body, mind and spirit.


Dance Alive Aqua 

Unleash your inner mermaid, and surprise yourSelf with a sensational water ballet  ~ The creative exploration of freestyle movement in warm water, makes for invigorating, yet effortless fluid stretching, and fitness. Enjoy as part of a water therapy session, or join a special event class.

"Movement is the Dance of Life Force Energy" 

Mariane Karou founder of the Dance Alive® system.

Click the link for the video.

"Wander and wonder to the point of exhaustion, Whirl until you lose all control,

Dance until you are ready to drop. Then drop! Fall to the earth. Surrender to the swirl of sensations, surging through your form. Dissolve in awe as arising energies.

Continue the dance in your inner world. Beyond motion and commotion,

become the body of ecstasy." ~ exerts from the Radiance Sutras

Image by Chris Lawton


I wanted to let you know how much you have helped my life lately.  I have been incorporating principles of the Dance Yoga class you taught. I had knee surgery on both my knees a week ago, and from day 2, I have been dancing and stretching from my chair in the backyard.  Amazing what one can do in a chair, and it has been part of my daily routine of healing. Thank you for all the gifts that you give to me. I am doing very well. No bleeding, no swelling, and not much pain at all.  By the way, I have been taking Wobe enzyme from day 1 as well. 

Thank you for all the great suggestions... I bought it that day! That along with Arnica, Vitamin C,

daily moving meditations, and positive visualizations, has all helped. Thank you!!! Love.

~ J Kolbe

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