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 Here are a few faves I personally enjoy every day and use in my healing arts practice. Treat yourself to wellness!


DoTerra Essentail Oils 

100% Food Grade & Top Quality Oils

I use DoTerra's oils and products daily as alternative medicine to help balance mood, to beautify hair and skin, and as powerful remedies to up-level health.


Contact me to come get your oils right now, or visit my Doterra Website, to see all the great products, and place an order. 

BioMat - Crystal Heating Pad

Daily Biomat use has been so healthful in dealing with stress, and menopause. 

Experience the warmth and profound benefits of detoxification, rapid healing, and natural pain relief with the RichWay Amethyst BioMat. - A total lifesaver!

Contact me for more info or Click here to view my personalized BioMat website 

5Strands 2.jpeg

5Strands Hair-Analysis Testing 

Find out more how your body interacts w certain food and lifestyle patterns. 

I recommend getting the General Wellness Test  (covers 237 food items, 125 environmental items, and 83 vitamins/minerals) It's so quick, easy, very helpful, and affordable.

 + Use my 10% discount coupon code: Ninaya 

Hot Cherry Pillows

Simply the best in bed! Warm and cozy, AND can be used as cold packs too...

Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows are perfect for relaxing muscles, soothing tummy aches, and offer immediate relief from neck and arthritis pain. 100% cotton

I think U must have one! Or all of them...

spa eye.jpg

Vital Pro Naturals Products

These supplements are top quality, perfectly balanced and well researched.

I use their Intestinal Detox, Fiber, Laxative, Probiotics and Gut Renewing Formulas as part of my Seasonal Cleanse Protocol.  

Contact me to pick up or order yours today.

"It's Elemental" 
5 Juicy Self Care Programs Book

My first edition Holistic Health Handbook filled w recipes, remedies and exercises.

Contact me to send U a copy $25 (plus shipping)




Give the GIFT of WELLNESS - Sessions starts at $150/hour 

Contact me and I will send U a certificate, with text and amount agreed upon

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