Elemental Wellness Programs 

Custom-designed to support YOU on the road to greater health, fitness and wellness, through personalized Elemental Healing Arts 

We are all elemental beings living in an elemental world. We embody and express all aspects of the five elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, & Spirit. Each element reflects core human functions, needs, and desires. Ideally, we live in vital balance, but stress happens. When one or more of these elements go out of balance we are affected. 

I offer holistic healing arts and personalized cleanses, designed to shift discomfort and dis-ease into ease and vital wellness, while supporting YOU to be Self-empowered and motivated. Let’s talk about how I can provide you with expert guidance, education, and a transformative health service program.


Choose an elemental program and discover your own inner wisdom as we work together to implement vital and fun lifestyle changes that will cultivate lasting results for optimal health. Go with what feels the most challenging, or reoccurring issue in your life right now. 


AIR ~ Lighten up!

• Are you sad, lonely or depressed?  

• Do you feel disconnected from others
   or misunderstood? 

• Do you feel out of touch?

• Are you longing to reach out, but can’t?

Embarking on an Air Program will help you open and lighten up, connect deeply with yourself and another. ~ Using powerful breathing, yoga, partner yoga and meditation practices, along with transformational mindset adjustment, movement and massage therapy.   

EARTH ~ Restore!

• Are you grounded and nourished?

• Are you running on sugar? 

• Do you feel exhausted ?

• Do you feel heavy, bloated & inflamed?

Earth programs are a deeply nourishing blend of bodywork, exercise and detox therapies. ~ Explore making and eating a balanced whole foods diet, using food as medicine, exercise as FUN, and cleansing as a ceremony of rebirth and Self-blessing.

WATER ~ Relax!

• Do you feel afraid, rigid, agitated,
   off center or overwhelmed?

• Are you stuck and congested?

• Do you lack trust in yourself, others, life?

A Water program focuses on reclaiming your vital fluid body. ~ Inner and outer baths, water yoga, a cleanse phase with sessions that deeply relaxes, and opens the flow of inner knowing of what serves, moment to moment, as you cultivate more trust in your Self and Source.

FIRE ~ Release!

• Have you lost your joy?

Is your creative expression thwarted?

• Are you as passionate as you’d like?

• Do you feel angry, bitter, at wit’s end?


A Fire program is full of fun and creative expression, authentic movement, sound and breath therapy, in combination with a deep release cleanse phase, soothing bodywork and water therapy sessions.

Get ready to move the energy. Awaken, activate and release!

SPIRIT ~ Peace!

• Do you feel scared, unworthy or unloved?

• Are you out of touch with something bigger
  than yourself?

• Do you need a course correction?

Spirit and Source runs through all of the elements, it is the energy of creation, the yin and yang. A Spirit program is appropriate for anyone needing to realign with purpose and for anyone wanting to get, or already are pregnant. It’s a whole being attunement to wellness.

It's Elemental!

 A Self-Care Manual


+ Shipping

Enjoy my easy to read, holistic health care manual, with lots of fun to do exercises, remedies and healthful recipes.

Find out what element is in need of balancing and create your own wellness program,

Whatever element you choose, we can mix and match modalities that fits your specific needs and goals. Each element offers essentail aspects for a healthy and happy life: 

Air ~ Yoga, breathing & meditation, Water ~ Cleanse, detox & flow, Earth ~ Diet, bodywork & nurturing, Fire ~ Fitness, heart talk  & creativity, Spirit ~ Reiki, prayer & connection. 


Elemental Wellness Programs start at $500, with options to add more sessions as needed. To start, we meet for a 90 minute in-depth consultation, to personalize your elemental program, and to schedule at least one session per week, for three consecutive weeks. During that time you will recieve my premium health care and support, as well as my hot of the press handbook ~ It's Elemental! 5 Juicy Self-Care Programs for Healthy & Happy Living ~ filled with remedies, exercises and recipes, to support you along this transformational  process. 


If you are ready to really MAKE A SHIFT, pick a program! I’m at service, with bells and whistle!

       Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!    


Private Sessions

• $150/ hour 

• $200 90-minute sessions

• $400/series of 3 one-hour sessions

• $550/series of 3 90-min sessions

Sessions are to be paid at the time of service.

Series of sessions are to be used within 2 years of purchase. ~ I accept Venmo, PayPal, cash, checks and most credit cards.


I do not take insurance, however, upon your request, I can send you an invoice so you can submit to insurance.  In my experience, depending on your plan and carrier, you may be reimbursed a portion or the full fee.  Call your provider to find out. 




Personalized programs, cleanses and private retreats start at $600



~ 90-min consultation session to      outline your program 

~ 3 one hour private sessions

~ Ninaya's handbook It's Elemental!

 Enjoy as a half day transformation retreat, or as a 3 week, or 3 month integrated Self-care program.

Customize by adding more sessions 

Ninaya’s cleanse helps one to understand where we are, what we are doing with our bodies and what we are capable of through the experience, and THAT can enable us to see and have a better, longer and more enjoyable life so if you are even slightly interested in maximum well-being, I highly recommend her program. -Len Danczyk

Thanks to all for support and yummy foods during that cleanse. I am easing back into cooked foods but feel great and light and want to keep at least a 50% raw balance in my ongoing diet. May make a one raw meal a day sort of plan.Thanks again to Ninaya for such inspiration and expert guidance. You rock! – Wayne Marshall





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