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Elemental Wellness Programs

Custom-designed programs to support YOU on the road to greater health, fitness and wellness, by intentionally and fully embodying your elemental being. We are all elemental beings, living in an elemental world. We are, and express all aspects of the five elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, & Spirit, all the time, more or less, consciously, or unaware of it.

   Each element reflects core human functions, needs, and desires. Ideally, we live in vital balance with all the elements, but life stressors happens. When one, or more of these elements go out of balance, we, and our lives, are affected. 

Seasonal Cleansing and Wellness Programs are great opportunities, to reclaim health, fitness, sanity and body balance.

After our initial consultation, we will co-create a personalized program plan of actions and healing treatments, to help you reset, stay on course, inspired, accountable and supported... I offer a creative blend of wellness therapies and oftentimes collaborate with other master therapists, to tailor and supply exactly what's needed for your greater good.


AIR ~ Lighten Up! 

• Are you sad, lonely or depressed?  • Do you feel disconnected from others, or misunderstood?  • Do you feel out of touch?  • Are you longing to reach out, but can’t?


A​n Air program will help you connect deeper with yourself, and another. Through Yoga, breathing meditation, and movement practices, a lighter diet and remedies, you will more readily access your sense of purpose and innate creative energy. 


WATER ~ Relax!

• Do you feel afraid, rigid, agitated, of center or overwhelmed? 

• Are you stuck and congested?  • Do you lack trust in yourself, others, or life?

Water programs focus on reclaiming trust, in a vital, undefended and fluid body. ~ Through a cleanse phase of both inner and outer baths, the flow of your inner knowing of what serves, moment to moment, will increase, and you will cultivate more trust in your Self-healing abilities, fully supported by me, and Source.  


EARTH ~ Restore!

• Are you grounded and nourished?  • Are you running on sugar? 

• Do you feel exhausted ?  • Do you feel heavy, bloated & inflamed?


Earth programs is a deeply nourishing blend of bodywork, restorative remedies and delicious recipes. Receive lots of nurturing touch, enjoy food as medicine, exercise as FUN life celebration, and cleansing, as a Self-Love blessing ritual .


FIRE ~ Release!

• Have you lost your joy?  • Is your creative expression thwarted?

• Are you as passionate as you’d like.  • Do you feel angry, bitter, at wit’s end?


A Fire program is about freeing up more ecstatic and creative expression. Through an invigorating practice of authentic movement, massage and breath therapy, you will activate and release stuck energy, so you can live more joyfully and awakened.


SPIRIT ~ Peace!

 Do you feel scared, unworthy or unloved?   • Are you out of touch with something bigger than yourself?  • Do you need a course correction? a whole-being reset?


Spirit / Source, runs through all the elements, as it is the energy of all creation. This  program is for anyone needing to realign with a higher purpose, or wanting a whole being make-over, or someone pregnant and wanting to get pregnant. It's everything.


Whatever Element Wellness Program calls you the most, we can mix and match modalities that fits your specific needs and goal. Personalized Programs start at $600, with options to add more sessions as needed.


To start, contact me to set up an initial consultation, Virtually or in-person, we meet up for an in-depth program building process, followed by at least 3 one hour wellness sessions of your choice, again virtually or in person.

~ You may choose to enjoy your program all in one day, as a private retreat immersion, or spread it out over a longer period of time, 1-3 weeks, or 1-3 months, during which you will receive Ninaya's premium health care and support, as well as her health manual ~ It's Elemental! 5 Juicy Self-Care Programs for Healthy & Happy Living. ~ filled with remedies, exercises and recipes, to support you along this transformational process. Welcome!

YIN & YANG ~ Enjoy the option to supplement any program with a series of transformational mindset sessions ~ EMDR and Process Therapy with my life partner William Gale MFT,   

Contact me for more details about our combined therapies programs and Private Retreats 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods


Ninaya's program has brought me a unique and significant understanding of what my body needs to rejuvenate, replenish and cleanse. Her hands-on approach has allowed me to take what I learned and easily apply it at home. The recipes are delicious and simple to make. The warm water yoga flow and Watsu session was a perfect way

to complete the cleanse. This weekend process has been a great reminder of my self-healing abilities,

and given me powerful tools to access life's fundamental resources. 

 ~ Lauren Korba

Thanks so much, Ninaya. Your generous spirit really is something to behold. You've not only been a huge blessing for me; now my wife is going around saying "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels" too. I look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months. In the meantime, more greens it is. Warm blessings to you.

~ Eric Swain

Ninaya’s cleanse helps one to understand where we are, what we are doing with our bodies and what we are capable of through the experience, and THAT can enable us to see and have a better, longer and more enjoyable life. So if you are even slightly interested in maximum well-being, I highly recommend her wellness programs. 

~ Len Danczyk

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