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Personalized Programs & Special Events

My work is holistic, deep and intimate. You can come to me with all that you are, and be held in loving acceptance, truth and personalized care. I am here in service to others, to share, care, inspire and co-create.
Contact me to plan a pampering day retreat, or join our upcoming Seasonal Cleanse Health Reset Event.



Allow me to be your personal health assistant... Tending to your specific health needs and goals.


Providing you with healing touch, catered food and remedies ~ all to assist you in rediscovering your innate inner wisdom, beauty and Self-healing powers.  


Implement easy and effective lifestyle changes, that cultivate lasting results for optimal health.



Enjoy a day retreat dedicated to your personal transformation.

Join our Spring Cleanse Health Reset Special Event 5/26 noon-5pm in Santa Ynez. Healing arts, food-prep'n feast in the garden.

I also offer outcall yoga, watsu & massage sessions, healthy home make-overs, guided health food shopping sessions, pre & post natal doula services.  


Sunny Petersen

“Ninaya is not only a dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner of her craft, she is the pure embodiment of unconditional love and healing for all the clients she serves.

I have reached great depth in my somatic recovery as her massage client.”


Ilene Segalove

Dear Ninaya,

A big THANKS for the last months worth of such fine bodywork. You are really one of the very best of the best and I just want to applaud you for integrating all you have been learning over the last decades into an elegant, seamless experience.


Shannon & Miles

"The sacred space you created and held during our journey was safe, nurturing, and radiating with love…allowing us to open ourselves completely and honestly… with one another, and with you.

Your guidance has been an invaluable catalyst awakening us to another realm.

We are committed to continuing our exploration and expanding our love.

Our journey has just begun”. 

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