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Private Retreats & Special Events

Private Retreats and Out-Call Sessions are creatively and holistically designed to suit your particular wellness needs... As a long time "creatrix and elemental wellness muse" I've facilitated many private retreats ranging from half day combo sessions (at my place and outcall locations), 3-days intensives during a cleanse or childbirth process, to weeks away as a personal health and travel companion.


As a certified and insured yoga teacher, detox specialist, massage and watsu practitioner, I offer special arranged and outcall health assignments, interactive educational workshops and retreat experiences.


 I'm available to come to your home for private (or family) massage, yoga, and watsu (if you can heat ur pool or hot tub to body temp). Happy to help reorganize your kitchen for more healthy habits and bring produce for us to do a food prep session. Or coordinate an all inclusive retreat in an arranged location. 

Contact me to set up a consultation and schedule your personalized immersion retreat.

Special Events like seasonal cleanse workshops, in-person and online cleanse protocols, yoga and dance alive events, partner yoga and massage workshops, mermaid lounges, water yoga, intro to watsu, aqua natal, baby swim and family float workshops are offered at different times and locations.


Seasonal Cleanse Event 5/26 Noon-5pm Rancho Clara in Santa Ynez CA

Feeling low energy, heavy and unhealthy? Do you feel you need to loose weight and detox? Long to up-level your health and whole life vibration?

Are you ready to change habits that are likely keeping you stuck in a funk? 

If so, join us for a healthy, FUN and delicious day retreat, dedicated to transformational wellness. Explore recipes remedies and exercises, that help increase our vitality, immunity, and mindfulness, whole-heartedly. ($108)

Contact me to sign up for the event and join our 2-week Group Cleanse


Image by Chris Lawton


Working with Ninaya is transformational. You always get this feeling that while showing opportunities to "change" and "grow," she is your biggest fan. It's a deep and unconditional love that she gives. Watsu® is a priceless experience.  Floating in her arms and receiving the bodywork in the water is like being in the womb.  All the kinks and body aches melt away, and it's literally a true baptism into rebirth regardless of your religion. Followed with a colonic and yoga class - it felt like years of waste that I was carrying left my being.  

The combination of her works - WORKS!

~ Talya Meldy, Client since 1998

Dearest Will & Ninaya, words cannot express the gratitude and love we feel for you both.

The sacred space you created and held during our healing journey was safe, nurturing, and radiating with love…

Allowing us to open ourselves completely and honestly… with one another, and with you.

Your guidance has been an invaluable catalyst awakening us to another realm.

We are committed to continuing our exploration and expanding our love. Our journey has just begun. 

Shannon & Miles

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