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Private Retreats

Retreats are holistically designed to suit your particular healing journey, while honoring and supporting your innate knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. My intention is to offer optimal safe environment, effective therapies, and involvement, to initiate the greatest opportunity for you to heal and transform. Attending to you as a whole person, we address your physical body, mind, emotions, and soul; while considering all the aspects of life you are navigating.  Welcome home! 


Private Healing Journey Retreat w Ninaya

If you need a transformational mini-vacation, schedule a half, to a full day immersion retreat, personalized with modalities to suit your needs and desires.

Example half day retreat: 1 hr Yoga/Dance Alive warm-up, to get present in your body + 1 hr Lymphatic Drainage Massage, on table, or warm water, to decongest + 1 hr Colonic, to cleanse + 1 hr Meal w mindful eating Consultation.


Personalized Mind & Body Process Retreat w Will & Ninaya

Ideally you've already had a few sessions, with either Ninaya or Will, so we can best support your inner and outer alignment. and find balance with your whole personhood and your longing. ~ We will provide a deep healing experience,  an integration phase, and a road map as you navigate toward your ideal life. 

Offered as exclusive a'la carte, half to one-day, or weekend, private retreats.


Partner & Family Process Retreats w Will & Ninaya

After setting intentions to identify, define and refine, the state of your health, whatever upset or trauma, life challenges or goals, we will embark on a personalized healing journey with modalities that reflect your needs. Have a restorative integration phase where we will give you tools and strategies to navigate through both inner and outer worlds, within yourselves and together.

Offered as exclusive a'la carte, half to one-day, or weekend, private retreats.

Our co-creative retreats process is a unique fusion of current neuroscience and a deep reverence for the sacred in all things. ~ Will offer evidence-based therapies including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Hakomi Body/Mind Therapy ~ in combination with Ninaya's holistic health modalities, all of which are supported by shamanic insight, and generations of time-honored practices with ceremonial sacrament.

Click the link to learn more details about William Gale LMFT (Licensed, Marriage and Family Therapist) practice.


Image by Chris Lawton


Working with Ninaya is transformational. You always get this feeling that while showing opportunities to "change" and "grow," she is your biggest fan. It's a deep and unconditional love that she gives. Watsu® is a priceless experience.  Floating in her arms and receiving the bodywork in the water is like being in the womb.  All the kinks and body aches melt away, and it's literally a true baptism into rebirth regardless of your religion. Followed with a colonic and yoga class - it felt like years of waste that I was carrying left my being.  

The combination of her works - WORKS!

~ Talya Meldy, Client since 1998

Dearest Will & Ninaya, words cannot express the gratitude and love we feel for you both.

The sacred space you created and held during our healing journey was safe, nurturing, and radiating with love…

Allowing us to open ourselves completely and honestly… with one another, and with you.

Your guidance has been an invaluable catalyst awakening us to another realm.

We are committed to continuing our exploration and expanding our love. Our journey has just begun. 

Shannon & Miles

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