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Watsu & Aquatic Therapies

Warm water is the ideal medium for freeing the body. ~ Let yourself be floated in someone's arms, in water that gently lifts you each time you breathe in, it's warmth penetrating, and melting the tension.
Drift into deep levels of relaxation as your body is stretched free. Flow into states of consciousness to which stored tension and trauma deny access. Flow onto a level of being where there is such joy and peace and wholeness, the cause of that tension or trauma can no longer overwhelm you. ~ This is Watsu! 

(*** Due to restricted pool availability, sessions are limited to special arrangements and new locations)


Watsu® stands for warm Water Shiatsu. It is a deeply relaxing, sweet and freeing massage therapy, where you are being held, stretched, swirled, and massaged in a 96-98 degrees pool. Warm silky water caressing your skin, feels so nourishing and joyful. Ninaya's loving presence, and being held heart to heart, cradled like a baby, promotes deep letting go, trust and healing. It's simply magical!


Watsu CQ stands for close quarters, Watsu sessions are done in a smaller pool, or a hot tub, for a more tranquil, womb-like experience. Still able to do much of the freeing watsu moves, only the focus is more on doing massage, pressure points and deep unwinding ~ Meditating on the waves of the breath, rising and falling from the ocean in our bellies. Great as injury rehab and pregnancy therapy.


Water Dance is the continuation of Watsu, going underwater, in the pool, or hot tub. You are given a nose clip and gradually submerged into a deeper state of release and meditation. ~ Breathing out, as you go underwater, hovering between breaths, we access our most creative state of Mind, and we free Body and Soul to Dance...


Shared Watsu Sessions are wonderful experiences to enjoy with a loved one, a family member, or a dear friend. Ninaya will float one, while the other relaxes on floats, switch, and swirl both of you together, or arrange for additional Watsu practitioner. A session can also be used to learn how to do some basic Watsu moves, that you can explore on each other during the session, and beyond. 


Aqua Natal Fitness Sessions in warm water are the best during pregnancy! Easing pain, discomfort, swelling, and immobility ~ Aqua Natal is a perfectly balanced exercise class, of low-impact fitness, basic yoga, and Dance Alive® flow moves. This personalized fitness session culminates with a deep Watsu relaxation, or if you prefer with a prenatal massage, tucked in with pillows on a warm massage table.


Baby Swim & Family Floats 

Learn safety techniques, how to hold, move and float baby - without pressure, gradually, and gently, submerge baby to eventually safely freestyle swim. 

Currently, Ninaya is NOT offering Baby Swim Classes at her pool, but she is available for private sessions or series workshops at your facility.

Contact Ninaya for more details on how to organize a class or workshop.


Watsu or Watsu CQ & Massage Combo
This 2-Hour bliss session starts with a 1-hour wonderful Watsu sessions, followed by a quick outdoor shower, to rinse off before U lay on a warm massage table, to get pampered with a transformational Doterra Oils Swedish Massage.  ~ It's the best of both worlds! Release and Relax!
The combo session may also be a Watsu, followed by a Colonic - as watsu help the lymph draining, which is optimal, before receiving your internal bath cleanse.

Watsu®: stands for Water Shiatsu.
It was created in Northern California in the eighties by healing artist Harold Dull, exploring Zen Shiatsu moves in the warm waters at Harbin Hot Springs. Watsu is now offered worldwide, in spas, rehabilitation clinics, and private pools, as a powerful modality for healing trauma, injuries, pain, and stress. (Ninaya is long-time certified by WABA~Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association).
Gentle gradual twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves and help undo dysfunction this pressure causes in the body. Our bodies are more than 80% water and naturally strive to flow to be healthy. Warm water's therapeutic benefits, and it's freeing of gravity’s pull, make it an ideal modality for healing to happen on all levels of being. ~ A highly recommended 
must try!

Image by Chris Lawton


Thank you for a wonderful watsu session yesterday.  As always, I find my work with you an ecstatic journey, one that I find reverberates powerfully afterward, in how it integrates itself into the flow of my life. I found it so magical to sense your unconditional love, and how "the Divine" flows through us, and the amazing healing work we do in the pool. I deeply treasure these seasonal sessions as my mini-vacations. 

~ Scott Cooper

Ninaya is one of the most capable, generous and loving of teachers. Her classes are always filled with flowing, creative, fun moves, and her enthusiasm is totally contagious. Her presentation fluidity, wisdom, and professionalism demonstrates years of teaching experience. Like so many others, I love her water classes. If you’re overworked, under appreciated, needing a restorative experience or just worthy of being pampered, make sure you schedule a watsu session or join us at the next Mermaids Lounge. 

~ J Holland, SB


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