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Focused Mind

Elemental Health Therapies

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NOW is time to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and shift negative habits, into positive,
life-promoting ways that keep us in great shape,
happy and healthy. 

 Ninaya offers Private Sessions, Seasonal Cleansing Programs, and Special Events;   Colonics, Watsu®, Prenatal Fitness, Massage, Health & Nutritional Consulting.

Private Retreats, Online Cleanses 
and Elemental Wellness Programs 

Contact Ninaya, to start your
Self-care process, and get more information. 


Get Ready for a Spring Cleanse Reset!

It is coming -  the Spring Cleanse Reset! Stay tuned for the Dates!


Consider making a commitment to yourself by joining us for a 10 day Elemental Health Reset,
o boost immunity, awareness and cultivate conscious connection with yourself and others.

You will enjoy interactive fun, learn nutritious and educational recipes, remedies and exercises,
to revitalize yourself, holistically and whole-heartedly.

Coming Soon


Micheal Salaka & Wife

Micheal Salaka Marin

Ninaya's level of commitment
and desire to bring forth a
program for those at any level of understanding is inspiring!I am ever honored to be a part of anything Ninaya is doing as I know it will be nourishing and healing.

DeAnn Rochelle.jpeg

DeAnn Rochelle

I got off coffee, sugar, dairy, meat and gluten completely and don’t plan to go back, yeah!! I have been told I look 10 years younger by 3 people already this week! And I have tons of energy.

Lisa TrivellTestimony Pic.jpg

LIsa Trivell

Ninaya showed me how important it is to gently prepare my body before the juice cleanse and to gradually come out of it. I now have new recipes to support a healthy diet and many creative ways to prepare food and juice ahead of time

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