Ninaya Mermaid Lounge Gathering


Now, more than ever is high time to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and shift negative habits, into happy, life-promoting ways that keep us healthy and happy. 


NINAYA is a passionate Holistic Health Practitioner, excited to share her Water Therapies,
that help promote relaxation, joy, and vitality while relieving stress, pain, fear, and toxicity.

She offers Private Sessions, Classes, Seasonal Cleansing Programs, and Special Events; 

Colonics, Watsu®, Prenatal Fitness, Massage, Movement, Yoga & Nutritional Consulting. 


Private Retreats & Elemental Wellness Programs will get your whole being back in
balance, feeling healthy, and inspired. Receive expert service, nurturing, and support.

Contact Ninaya, to start your Self-care process, and get more information.