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I am Ninaya, a long time certified holistic health practitioner, honored and called to service in the spirit of LOVE & LIGHT.

I offer Private Sessions in Colonics, Watsu®, Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Massage, Yoga, Health & Nutritional Consulting.

Personalized Wellness Programs, Private Retreats, Seasonal Cleanses, Online Protocols, Outcall Sessions and Events.

My practice caters to those willing and wanting to help themselves to live life with loving awareness and health consciousness. I'm passionate and able to do what it takes to guide others to find optimal vitality and balanced wellness.

Welcome to my Elemental Healing Arts Practice

Seek what the heart craves  What dreams reveal  Find what matters  What fuels the Soul


Join our Spring Cleanse Reset

Starting off with a one-day health retreat Sunday May 26

Noon-5pm at Rancho Clara in Santa Ynez, CA 

Welcome to an educational FUN, relaxing, and all about health, day immersion. 

We will share tips and recipes on how to do a 2-weeks whole foods health reset.


Surrounded by glorious country side we will circle up, explore easy to do lymph drain techniques,

liver cleansing remedies, and whole being exercises, that boost organ vitality and radiant wellness.

 We will food-prep and make lots of delicious, healthy dishes to enjoy as a BIG FEAST in the garden. 

Participants will receive hand-outs with recipes, remedies and self-care exercises to follow on a 2-weeks+ health reset on their own. Plus an invitation to join Ninaya's online support group and get paired up with an accountability partner during the 2-week health reset process. (Event $108)


Optional & Additional Health Reset Boosters:

* Series of 3 sessions with me, Ninaya (Colonics, Massage, Lymph Drain & Watsu) $400

* Vital Pro's Whole Body Cleanse Kit  (2-weeks herbal formulas) $60

* Personalized Wellness Program (health sessions, herbs, food and fasting supplies)

Contact Ninaya for more detailed information and to sign-up  805-637-2387


Micheal Salaka & Wife

Micheal Salaka Marin

Ninaya's level of commitment
and desire to bring forth a
program for those at any level of understanding is inspiring!I am ever honored to be a part of anything Ninaya is doing as I know it will be nourishing and healing.

DeAnn Rochelle.jpeg

DeAnn Rochelle

I got off coffee, sugar, dairy, meat and gluten completely and don’t plan to go back, yeah!! I have been told I look 10 years younger by 3 people already this week! And I have tons of energy.

Lisa TrivellTestimony Pic.jpg

LIsa Trivell

Ninaya showed me how important it is to gently prepare my body before the juice cleanse and to gradually come out of it. I now have new recipes to support a healthy diet and many creative ways to prepare food and juice ahead of time

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