Wellness Therapies

I offer, and educate clients about an assortment of Elemental Wellness Therapies; Yoga, Cleansing, Water Therapies, Movement, Massage & Nutrition - all ways that help keep us balanced and vital.

If you are looking for a quick-fix to relax and feel better, or a whole being make-over, I'm here to assist.
We can work remotely, to start U up on a program, then meet for a guided cleanse, or retreat day. 

You can get a series of sessions, tailored to your specific health goals, or your in the moment needs.   Implement Self-care practices, and healthy attitudes that promote deep healing, and lasting wellness.

By attuning to, and treating the underlaying issues, we are able to work at the root of the problem, 
With loving mindfulness, and all natural healing arts support, we BREATHE, and connect. Relax, release and restore! ~ Health is a continuous process, and we are all Elemental Self-Healing beings, 

Prenatal Yoga


Breathe fully, deeply, and with intention.  Whatever you can breathe through, looses it's tight and debilitating grip on you! 


Explore basic, yet very powerful breathing, and yoga exercises to find vital flow and body balance. 

Dance Class


Move your body, and shift your state...  Would you like to increase your ability to move with greater ease, strength and agility.
Explore more wellness through cardio fitness and  authentic movement ~ Dance Alive®  
Dance to express - not to impress!



I believe in seasonal cleansing, to help your body kick out built-up toxins and balance life stressors. 

Mindful eating, juicing, and internal cleansing protocol, with a series of colonics and herbal remedies will help keep your health on top. 



Massage therapy can relieve all sorts of ailments – from physical pain, to stress and anxiety. 


After 25 years of therapeutic bodywork experience, I offer a unique blend of Swedish massage Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Reiki. 

~ on land and in the water... 

Watsu Closeup.jpg


Warm water Watsu® heals, and relaxes on so many levels...

It frees up tension in muscles and bones, relieves inflammation in  joints and tissue, reduces stress, and produces bliss ~ Silky warm caresses our skin, unleashes our creativity, and soothes our souls. 

"Seek what the heart craves, what dreams reveal.
Find what matters. Face what lingers.
Embrace what fuels the Soul."